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I went to veterinary school because I wanted to solve puzzles and help animals. It took me 4 years to realize I was only getting part of the way there with my conventional knowledge. Learning spinal manipulation helped bring me closer to identifying a patient’s root problem, and also gave me hands on skills to help address those issues, which was a huge step forward. However I don’t think I was able to start REALLY helping my patients until I started taking classes from Dr. DeStefano. His expansive knowledge of neurology and physiology, combined with his effective teaching style, propelled me forward into a whole new way of thinking about and treating cases. And today, 10 years after graduating vet school, I finally feel like I am starting to really make a difference in the overall health of my patients.
     – Penelope Rochelle DVM CVA CVSMT

I had the privilege of learning Applied Kinesiology I, II, III, & IV with Dr. Carl Destefano. Carl is an outstanding instructor. The way he teaches and the knowledge he imparts in these courses empowers the practitioner of animal chiropractic to deliver healing at a new level. Dr. Destefano continues to pursue new clinical knowledge regarding functional neurology himself within his practice. He graciously shares his practical clinical wisdom in these courses. I highly recommend any doctor pursuing true healing to attend these courses.
    – Dr. Daniel King DVM, AVCA Certified in Animal Chiropractic, CVA-Chi Institute.

 My training with Dr. Carl Destefano in Applied Kinesiology has changed the way I practice, not only my chiropractic care, but all aspects of medicine. Dr. Destefano has taken his extensive knowledge and experience with both animal and human patients and developed techniques that allow you to address health issues at their core. With these techniques you are able to find the true source of a problem and the way to address and solve it. He makes the complex subject of neuro-anatomy understandable and shows you how to apply that knowledge in a functional and practical way. Training in Applied Kinesiology will open avenues of healthcare that are beyond anything you can imagine. 
– Jan Harkins, DVM

 I have taken all of Dr DeStefano’s courses that apply Applied Kinesiology to animals. He has an incredible knowledge of the subject, both from a neuro anatomy viewpoint and in direct application to clinical cases. His presentation is well thought out and never boring. He really cares that you get it. I have been treating horses since 1969 but never with as much fun and with as good results as when I started incorporating Carl’s material into my daily practice. The money I spent on his courses has come back many times over.  
     – David A. Jefferson, DVM, Maine Equine Associates, New Gloucester, ME

I met Dr Carl about 5 years ago as one of my instructors while getting my certification in animal chiropractic. I was immediately impressed with not only his knowledge but also his passion and his desire for his students to learn and become passionate. I could tell he had a lot more to share with us but as we all know there where the basic curriculum guidelines that must be kept. 3 years later I finally made it to one of Dr Carl’s weekend seminars where I learned so much more than I anticipated. I had used Applied Kinesiology (AK) over the years but his approach and research and application to animals has changed the way I use my chiropractic skills. I have been to 2 more classes since and each one has been an incredible learning experience. If you are looking at becoming certified in animal chiropractic or already are and want to take your practice to the next level I would seriously consider studying with Dr Carl.

– Charles Weiss DC

When I went to the veterinary school, I never even conceived of chiropractic for animals, let alone alternative medicine. What I found uoon graduation was I did not have enough skills to completely help 30{eb61268fbf49bcfdcf52579ac5fca6511a192c673ba6f2ea599fadfe3e39119a} of my patients. Since graduation, each alternative medicine modality I’ve learned has open up a new door – a new method of treatment.

First chiropractic, which then opened my eyes to how the body moves. Dr. Carl was one of my teachers in my basic chiropractic program. He had an amazing way of putting everything together – connecting the systems and tying together the whole body in a way that made sense. I wanted to understand things how Dr. Carl did; the week after graduating from my basic chiropractic program I started training with Dr. Carl.

What I learned from that point forward has opened up a completely different way of treating patients and understanding how things relate to each other. As one of his students, we all joked about his favorite saying “why is that?” However, that question has shaped how I evaluate the health issues of my patients.

The beauty of AK (Applied Kinesiology) is that I could apply it to all aspects of pet health care, not just being a better animal chiropractor.

Now, as a retired, integrative veterinarian, I know that I’ve done the best I can for my patients. Where I am now in my professional career would not have been possible if I hadn’t learned every step along the way to get me here. I am so grateful for my teachers and continue to learn from Dr. Carl every time I see him.

– Dr Cathy Alinovi DVM

Dr. Carl DeStefano has made a huge impact on my practice of integrative veterinary medicine. He is a brilliant and engaging teacher who is also kind and generous. I use techniques he has taught me every day in practice and I know those techniques have significantly improved both my diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

Theresa SaLee, DVM, DVA, CCRT, CVSMT

– Theresa SaLee DVM, DVA, CCRT, CVSMT