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  Animal Chiropractic Certification Program

2024 Program Dates

Animal Chiropractic Program 2024:

  • Module 1 (Thoraco-lumbar) February 28-March 3
  • Module 2 (Sacro-pelvic) April 3-April 7
  • Module 3 (Cranial-Cervical) May 15-19
  • Module 4 (Extremities) June 26-30
  • Module 5 (Integrative/seminar) August 13-18
2025 Program Dates

Animal Chiropractic Program 2025:

  • Module 1 (Thoraco-lumbar) February 26-March 2
  • Module 2 (Sacro-pelvic) April 2-April 6
  • Module 3 (Cranial-Cervical) April 30-May 4
  • Module 4 (Extremities) June 4- June 8
  • Module 5 (Integrative/seminar) August 5-August 10
Course Description

We are a chiropractic program that welcomes veterinarians to study the science and art of chiropractic alongside chiropractors.

We are strong in chiropractic philosophy, history and methods. As chiropractic has evolved, so must animal chiropractic. At HPI we are dedicated to pushing the profession of animal chiropractic forward. We honor our founding yet we must integrate new discoveries into our teaching.

The basic tenets of chiropractic philosophy have stood the test of time. We are a nervous system based field of health care. We are not a modality to be used as a tool like drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic is a way of thinking. We were “holistic” before the name became fashionable.

A triad of health; a triangle with each side representing the structural, chemical and mental aspects of health. A triangle surrounded by a circle representing innate intelligence or spirit.

An animal’s nervous system strives for health. We must, to the best of our abilities, remove those obstacles that interfere with their maximum genetic expression no matter their species or age.

Animal Chiropractors use their brain, their heart and their hands to heal and enhance performance and a quality of life.

It is our desire to graduate animal chiropractors of exceptional character that have a deep desire to serve the animal community.

Please note: This program is available only to licensed veterinarians and/or chiropractors.

What to Expect

The Health Pioneers Institute Animal Chiropractic certification program will be a 210 hr course taught over 5 modules. Each module will start on Wednesday and end on Sunday with the exception of module 5. Module 5 will start on Tuesday and end on Sunday.

Once successfully completed, the doctor will qualify for sitting the certification exams of both the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Doctors in our course will receive training in:
Pertinent anatomy and physiology
Pertinent neuroanatomy and physiology
Functional neurology diagnosis and therapy. Functional neurology is unique in that it addresses physiological lesions as well as pathological ones.
Chiropractic adjusting techniques. The student will be exposed to a wide variety of technique styles aimed at restoring normal afferentation from joints and soft tissues.
Chiropractic philosophy and history
Case management
Differential diagnosis and pathology.
Ethics and legality
Biomechanics and gait
Personal growth coaching. Our own limiting beliefs about ourselves may hinder our personal power as healers. As we rise in consciousness our innate abilities flourish allowing us to better serve our families, community and the animals that we love.
Much, much more

Also included in this program are all lectures and methods taught in Applied Kinesiology and Functional Neurology 1 and 2.

This includes:
Cranial technique
Injury recall technique
Pelvic categories
Vertebral and extremity challenge
Chapman’s reflexes
Hiatal hernia and ileocecal valve techniques
Neurological disorganization corrections
Much more

Course Design:
Each 4 day module will cover a regional anatomic area for study.
Module 1   Thoraco-lumbar
Module 2   Sacro-pelvic
Module 3  Cervical-cranial
Module 4  Extremities
Module 5  Case management and conference

158 hours + 52 hours = 210 hours
52 hours will be available on-line in the form of short videos, reading assignments and case studies.

What to Expect:

Our faculty is exceptional. These folks can teach! Lecturers will utilize the latest technology which is available at our facility. We are not presenters. We are teachers. We’re here to help you grow.

This is a clinical program. It is life changing. Application of topics learned in the course is emphasized. Much time will be spent in the classroom workshopping diagnostic and therapeutic approaches with each other.  It is the intention of the faculty of HPI that you be able to utilize immediately what was learned over a module.

Each module will include labs with equine and canine subjects. Teaching assistants will be of the highest caliber. Patience and kindness in our instructors is a prerequisite. Transportation to off-site facilities will be provided by HPI.

Hours (same for each module unless otherwise noted):
Wednesday 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Thursday – Saturday 8:00am – 5:30pm
Sunday 8:00am – 12:00pm
All times CST

Note: Module 5 runs Tuesday – Sunday. Those auditing Module 5 (not preparing to test) will only attend Wednesday – Saturday.

Payment Options

There are two types of attendees to our program, “New Learners” and “Auditors”. A “New Learner” is any student that has not completed an approved animal chiropractic program. An “Auditor” is a doctor who has completed an approved animal chiropractic program. Approved animal chiropractic programs are those provided by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA), and the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA). Please choose “New Learner” or “Auditor” based on the above criteria when registering.

Please note, all online registrations include Paypal or Credit Card fees.  If you wish to pay by cash or check, we will deduct 3.5% from your registration fee.  Please contact Allison at [email protected] for more information.