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Friends and fellow healers,

We are incredibly excited to announce the birth of the Health Pioneers Institute.


Single engagement seminars are available on our most popular subjects, “read more” to learn about and register for upcoming seminars.

Certification Program

Health Pioneers Institute is offering a unique Veterinary Chiropractic program leading to certification in Animal Chiropractic.

Animal Chiropractic Program 2024:

  • Module 1 (Thoraco-lumbar) February 28-March 3
  • Module 2 (Sacro-pelvic) April 3-April 7
  • Module 3 (Cranial-Cervical) May 15-19
  • Module 4 (Extremities) June 26-30
  • Module 5 (Integrative/seminar) August 13-18


Animal Chiropractic Program 2025

Be sure to get a seat in our Animal Chiropractic program!  Don’t miss out!  You can hold your spot for 2025 for $500.

  • Module 1 (Thoraco-lumbar) February 26-March 2
  • Module 2 (Sacro-pelvic) April 2-April 6
  • Module 3 (Cranial-Cervical) April 30-May 4
  • Module 4 (Extremities) June 4-June 8
  • Module 5 (Integrative/seminar) August 5-August 10


Applied Kinesiology 3 & 4 Seminar

November 7-10, 2024


Don’t miss out!  This seminar only comes around every few years.

Online registration will be available soon!

About Us:

Health Pioneers Institute is a world leader in Animal Chiropractic Education. We teach Chiropractors and Veterinarians the science and art of Chiropractic as it applies to animals. Our emphasis is chiropractic as functional neurology.

Mission Statement:

Health Pioneers Institute was created wholly for the benefit of animals and the doctors who treat their health conditions. We believe as our doctors grow in passion, knowledge and consciousness they’ll reach their potential as healers. Our curriculum, guided by our faculty, will encourage intellectual as well as the spiritual growth of each student.

Information is not enough. Transformation is our mission.

Animal Chiropractic:

Animal Chiropractic diagnosis and therapies use receptor based therapies to positively modify central nervous system integration. By recognizing and removing interference to afferent systems, neurologic response via motor systems to the environment become more efficient. These motor systems include muscle control of posture, gait and volitional activity as well as the supporting system of the autonomics. Enhanced central nervous system integration also positively influences behavior and modulation of immune responses.