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November 30-Decemnber 3, 2023 - Neurology for the Common Joe and Jane PART 2
Neurology for the Common Joe and Jane (Part Two!)
This is part two of a two part seminar on neurological diagnosis and treatment of commonly seen neuro problems in our animal patients.
Part two of this series will covers diagnosis and treatment of:
1. Spinal cord issues
2. Functional cortical and brain stem asymmetries

The information presented on the weekend is truly groundbreaking. Tools for evaluating spinal cord disease and injury are good but not greatand expensive. Spinal cord anatomy will be taught in a practical and clinically useful method as opposed to a purely academic approach which is quickly forgotten.

I have developed an Applied Kinesiological diagnostic system that when combined with neuroanatomical knowledge and traditional veterinary diagnostic methods is truly outstanding.

These cases are difficult. As animal chiropractors we can offer a a missing but necessary component to the care of these animals.  

Please join me in November for a truly life changing (for you and your animal patients), experience. 

~ Carl Destefano DC DACNB FACFN

Learners attending this course must have completed AK and FN 1 and 2 or the basic Animal Chiropractic course taught at the Health Pioneers Institute.

Naperville, Il.
Northern Illinois University Conference Center
$895 (if paying by cash or check)   $927 (if paying by credit card, Paypal, or Square)
November 30-December 2: 8:00a – 6:00p
December 3: 8:00a – 12:00p