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Why Health Pioneers Institute? 

We are very excited by the incredible response to our new animal chiropractic program. Many have already registered and many others have expressed an interest in beginning their animal chiropractic education or auditing as a doctor previously completing an animal chiropractic program. There are only 75 seats available so please reserve your spot by registering as soon as you can. Please visit us at healthpioneers.com for dates, location and further information about our program. We are here to serve you in your desire to serve your animal patients.

I have been truly blessed in that I have been a part of so many wonderful animal chiropractic programs around the world. I would, without reservation, recommend an interested doctor to any of them. We are truly lucky to have such fine schools available to future animal chiropractors. This obviously begs the question, “why another school?”

As a chiropractor, neurologist, applied kinesiologist, animal chiropractor and instructor of many years you begin to see things in your own unique way. I found that how I was practicing my art had very little to do with how things are taught in the existing programs. They’re great programs period! They’re just not what I and many other colleagues do. I have been encouraged over the years to start my own school so that the learner could be exposed to my core teachings from the get go. Last fall I was finally convinced that this was a worthy idea and created Health Pioneers Institute. I have assembled an incredible team of faculty and support staff. Our unifying dream is to serve the animals of this world by providing exceptional service to our student learners. I promise a kind and loving environment for learning. I promise the most contemporary, neurology based program in the world while honoring the chiropractic philosophical principles of our past.

I will be posting articles and papers that I’ve written over my many years as a faculty member in an effort to give my friends a feel for my approach to animal chiropractic. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any specific requests on topics and I’ll see what I can do.